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Chattanooga Young Life Banquet 2016 

Thursday, October 20th at 6:30 PM at the Chattanooga Convention Center! 

Built to Last

          A house, or any building for that matter, can never be more stable than the foundation. Jesus was clear, storms come to us all and some are ferocious. He said that if the foundation of your life is built on him you will weather the storm, if not your house (life) will come crashing down. In Young Life we are not about fixing a problem but helping kids set a foundation that is built to last. A foundation where every decision can spring from. The theme to our banquet this year is - "Built To Last."

          Please join us on Thursday, October 20th, at the Chattanooga Convention Center!   If you choose to Host a table you have 2 options - either Host a table for $400 or Host a table for no charge for a table that has been paid for by another donor who couldn't attend but wanted to donate. After you sign up to host or attend you'll be sent a confirmation email! Just go to to sign up to host or register.
         Please register for the Banquet by Thursday, October 13th ~ Dress is Business Casual
If you're unable to attend the Banquet but would like to give toward the mission of Chattanooga Young Life go to to give online to  TN33 or send your donation to Young Life - PO Box 6231 - Chattanooga, TN  37401. Call the Young Life office at (423)634-7188 if you have any questions!

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